Episode 74

Published on:

2nd Nov 2020

I Coach An Asian Entrepreneur Friend On People-Pleasing (ft. Clover Lam)

This week, I’m sharing a recording of a FB live I was invited to by Clover Lam, creator of the community, Unconventional Asians. With her community, her mission is to encourage Asians to think and act outside of the box and breaking free from the stereotypes that's limiting us from our fullest potential. In her weekly FB lives, she offers herself up as “a client” for other coaches, experts, and therapists to help her through a personal struggle of hers. I figured this would be a good opportunity to share that session with you here as well to get a sense of what coaching could look like for you, as well as my coaching style.

You can watch the video version in her FB group: https://fb.watch/1vjYvrFJOq.

Connect with Clover: https://www.facebook.com/cloverlam


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